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Global Results
4337 NE 57th Street
Seattle, WA 98105 USA

tel: 206.729.0606
fax: 206.729.0605

Global Results consultants have extensive hands on experience covering a broad range of international activities. You can put this expertise to work for you in the following areas:

Market Entry Strategies
Researching markets and prioritizing opportunities
Market entry planning and implementation
Realistic budgeting and forecasting
Global sales, service and support strategies

Channel/Partner Recruitment and Management
Partner search, qualification and appointment
Multi-tiered channel development
Reseller programs
Pricing, licensing and discount structures

Establishing an International Presence
Assessing the need
Establishing entities
Strategic analysis and planning
Business plan creation
Location selection and office set-up
Recruiting, qualifying and hiring key local staff

Global Marketing
Developing cost-effective marketing plans and budgets
Designing/implementing channel marketing programs
Adapting corporate marketing materials and plans
Selecting international marketing agencies

Product Marketing
Product launch planning and roll-out
Market and competitive research

Commercial Issues
Payment structures
Export and trademark issues
Using the Internet
Production and logistics

Special Projects
Existing channel or discount restructuring
In-house training

For more information, contact
Global Results,
4337 NE 57th Street
Seattle, Washington 98105 USA

tel: 206.729.0606
fax: 206.729.0605
email: lynn@global-results.com

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