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Have you been asking yourself any of these questions?

If so, Global Results can help. We can answer these (and lots of other) questions, with solutions that will get results - quickly - for your international business.

Are we getting the results we should be from our international markets?

What kind of investment would we need to make to really be successful internationally?

Are there certain countries or markets where a product like ours has an advantage? How do we prioritize?

Is localization an up-front requirement for our product in some markets? If so, what is the best strategy for localizing?

How should we use the internet with our international customers?

What are the most cost-effective distribution methods for our company?

When resellers contact me, how do I know if they’re qualified to sell my product? How can I judge whether they have a good reputation in their local market?

Is exclusivity the norm for international distributors?

How much margin do we have to give away to international distributors?

What kind of control can we have over local pricing in international markets?

Would our company benefit from local presence in some markets?

How should we go about finding responsible, competent employees that support our company’s values, overseas?

When is it advisable to put an expatriat in country?

Do contracts mean anything internationally? What should we watch out for?

Can shared resources work, or do we need dedicated people for international?

How can we handle product support in multiple time zones and languages, if we don’t have local offices everywhere?

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4337 NE 57th Street
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tel: 206.729.0606
fax: 206.729.0605
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